New governor releases COVID-19 action plan

January 27, 2022

Gov. Glenn Youngkin has released a COVID-19 “action plan” in the form of Executive Order 11.

According to a Thursday press release, the directive includes:

• Allowing hospitals and nursing homes to rapidly expand bed capacity by waiving regulations.

• Increasing flexibility for out-of-state nurses and health professionals to practice in Virginia.

• Providing exemptions to scope-of-practice requirements to allow for additional care.

• Expanding the number of providers that are available to offer vaccines.

• Expanding flexibility, overtime hours and availability for personal care workers.

• Expediting pending orders of rapid tests.

• Redeploying unused tests at state agencies and other non-essential facilities to schools, hospitals and nursing facilities.

The order directs the state health commissioner to issue new guidelines to prioritize rapid tests for categories including students potentially exposed who need to test to stay in school; essential health workers and other essential workers; vulnerable citizens, including those in nursing homes and those older than 65; people with serious medical conditions and caregivers; and those who need testing after consultation with a health professional.